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Critec Consult - Independent Security & CCTV Consultants

Established in 2001, Critec Consult are a totally independent security consultancy. Our team have over 28 years experience in major security engineering projects in the critical national infrastructure, public and private sectors, in the UK, Europe and Middle East.

Critec provide a personal consultancy service and adopt a holistic approach to security based on the selection of the appropriate electronic and physical controls, the development and adoption of robust procedures and effective human security training.

Whether your risk is from terrorism, vandalism, theft or the acts of disgruntled employees, Critec can advise counter measures to manage or mitigate that risk with the minimum of impact to your legitimate business practices........ often providing savings in the process!

And we don't just undertake large or complex projects; we undertake commissions of all sizes and our range of services start with standalone system or procedural audits.

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Evaluate, Design & Specify

Critec provide a range of analysis, audit, design and specifications services, tailored to the client's risks, threats and legitimate business activities. These include threat and risk assessments, Operational Requirement (OR) development, system design and verification, specification production and tender evaluation.

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Project Management and Client Representation.

Critec can manage all aspects of your security engineering project, taking full responsibility for compliance and progress monitoring, witness testing and handover. These services are available to end user clients, acting as their representative, or to engineering consultancies and system integration organisations, often augmenting their in-house provisions.

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Audits and compliance

Critec offer a range of audit services, including system technical and performance audits, added value CCTV health checks and DPA audits; all designed to ensure your organisation can display due diligence and ensure your continued compliance with performance, operational and legislative requirements.

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About Us

In contrast to many security consultancies, who are often made up of ex military or police personnel with little technical expertise, our consultants are predominantly engineers, technologists and project managers - able to understand the complexities of modern networked security systems and their associated support infrastructure requirements. Our principal consultant, Mark Hobday, is a full member of the Association of Security Consultants, the UK's governing body for Independent Security Consulting.

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Why work with us?

We will work with you to develop a solution based on your particular risks, threats and legitimate business practices, with a view to presenting savings by avoiding the selection of inappropriate systems, equipment and procedures.

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Threat & Risk Analysis, Concept & Feasibility Studies

Audits - Operational, Technical and DPA compliance

System design and specification, tender evaluation

Project planning, management & client representation

Witness testing & compliance monitoring

Areas of expertise

We are experts in all aspects of CCTV, (including analogue. digital, IP, HD and analytics), PIDS, IDS, Access Control, Integrated Systems, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and Physical Hardening.

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  • Design considerations

    Critec are specialists in all aspects of analogue and digital CCTV. Evaluations start with determining the client's Operational Requirement (OR) and then developing a technical solution with the required performance to meet the OR. Solutions may include IP, HD CCTV and the use of video analytics technology to suit the business and monitoring requirements.

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  • Design considerations

    Perimiter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS) are designed to 'Delay, Deter and Detect'. These systems are often deployed in layers to provide the required response time; it is crucial the chosen detector is suitable for the associated physical barrier, the deployed environmental conditions and the analysed intrusion method.

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    PIDS experts
  • Design considerations

    IDS systems require similar evaluation as PIDs systems, albeit the deployed enviroment is usually internal and therefore more stable than an external environment. Systems must meet the required standards, often determined in conjunction with client insurers; and incorporate suitable communication and verification/monitoring arrangements.

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    Intruder Detection experts
  • Design considerations

    Even the simplest access control systems may include requirements for multi-tenented occupancy and networked adminstration/reporting clients. More complex systems may need to incorporate incident mustering, complex zonal anti-passback arrangements and bespoke database link facilities. Critec can develop your exact requirements.

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    Access Control experts
  • Design considerations

    Integrated SMS systems require the control of diverse sub system elements whilst presenting to the operator the unified information required to monitor an incident with maximum efficiency and minimum distraction. This requires a thorough understanding of not only the sub systems and interfaces, but also incident management and MMI design.

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    Integrated systems experts
  • Design considerations

    With Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and other physical hardening measures, the purpose is often to deter and delay penetration to allow a response, or to achieve stand off from critical assets to minimise blast damage. Critec can analyse your risks and treat, and develop the appropriate physical hardening methods to protect your assets.

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    hostile vehicle mitigation and physical hardening

Our Professional Services

Our work is predominantly with end user clients in both the public and private sectors; however some of our services are also utlised by other consultancy organisations and system integrators, to augment their in-house capabilities.

Technical and CCTV Data Protection Act (DPA) audits

Fixed price audits

Critec provide CCTV DPA and Operational audits to ensure your continued legislative and operational compliance. These audits start at £500 for systems up to 250 cameras.

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Security system design and specification

Design and specification

Starting with a client brief, audit report or operational requirement Critec can design and specify new systems or additions, including all infrastructure requirements.

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Security project management and client representation

Project management

Critec can take ownership of your security installation project, acting as client representative and ensuring scope compliance, management of contractors, planning and CDM.

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Security system commissioning and witness testing

Commissioning & test services

Critec can undertake periodic system healh check tests and carry out complete project commissioning including the creation of testing procedures and documentation.

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Our Clients

Although a small quantity of our projects involve NDAs or are sensitive in nature and must remain confidential, we are proud to be able to advise just some of the organisations to whom we have provided services.

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Latest News - updated regularly

An interesting and informative video released by the National Police Chief's Council (NPCO) outlining recommended actions in the unlikely event you should find yourself involved in a firearms or weapons attack.

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